Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What is a Necktie?

A tie or necktie is a piece of cloth worn as a stylistic purpose around the neck, rests under your shirts collar and the knot goes right under the throat. Learn about novelty neckties .There are many different types of neckties on sale such as the ascot tie, boy tie, bolo tie, zipper tie, cravat and the clip-on tie. The modern necktie, bow tie and ascot are descended from cravat. Neckties usually don't have a specific size at all, although, there are many different sizes available you can buy. There are men and boys neckties which is a formal office wear attire or special event. Neckties are also worn with uniforms for specific jobs, school or military. A lot of men choose to wear neckties as an everyday purpose. Most men have a specific necktie style they like to wear, might be a seasonal taste, pattern taste or solid color taste. Neckties are a really popular fashion statement and all men take their pride with them wearing neckties.