Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Floral Neckties For Sale

You are like anyone else, you need to figure out what kind of necktie you are going to buy. If you are a normal person, you have no idea what types of neckties are out there. One of the most popular types of neckties are the floral neckties for sale. IF you need a new floral necktie and are like me. You have no idea where you are going to shop. All you have to do is keep looking around till you find your favorite floral neckties for sale.

Floral neckties are making a huge comeback among younger men. Many men want that professional look so they kind of look professional and elegant. You just have to keep searching all the necktie stores to find your favorite floral necktie. There are plenty to choose from and most stores have these for sale for only around $12. You can buy as many as you'd like and it gives you a larger variety, buying online.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

SuperMan Neckties


When I was growing up as a Kid my favorite superhero was Superman. I always wanted to be  just like him. I'm now 25 years old and last halloween I was Superman . I was even Superman for Christmas. White beard and a Superman necktie, I thought it was pretty cool.

I come to realize I have a passion for novelty neckties. The best novelty necktie I enjoy wearing of course would be my superman necktie. I was many different variations of my superhero type of ties. When I was at a bar, I was wearing a Superman necktie and someone had made fun of me. I beat the living snot out of the guy, took off the superman necktie and chocked the fool with it. I'm a bad ass individual who is trained in MMA. Not many people can take me in a fight. I'm undefeated so far in my life and been in hundreds of fist fights. Lets just say not many people know how to fight. The people I've fought, thought they could fight. They stood no chance with me and when it was all said and done, I knock everyone out.

Now I have a nice collection of superman neckties, and it feels pretty cool to wear  superhero neckties where I can really stand for and let out my comical passion. I also like spiderman and batman but we can talk about all that later.